Monday, December 5

Body: Slept okay, woke but didn't need to get up. Feeling pretty creaky but session went very well; PR in squat and thanks to my slightly lower bodyweight, a PR in bench!

Brain: Really good. Two days to Mexico!

Sunday, December 4

Body: Slept very badly, in too late and struggled mightily to fall asleep. Logged some lightweight lifting that felt significantly harder than it should've, so I made it about half the usual length. Then a nice, solid, very long nap.

Brain: Tired. A stressful handful of minutes when we realized Hank was running beyond the yard. Naughty little brat, but just following the example of neighbor dogs roaming far & wide yesterday, I suppose. Lovely nap with kitties, and Hank as well! Packing for Mexico, excited as anything about it, but hoping the body comes back around before then.

Saturday, December 3

Body: Feeling okay, but a little draggy. Got a normal lightweight workout, but would never have been able to manage a heavyweight version. Got a decent nap in. Managed to stay out until midnight, something I can't normally do.

Brain: Good. Got some things done, got Dad's bookwork done, got a nap, got to read. Got to hang out with a bunch of previous TS peeps at the wine bar. Caught up and had some wonderful conversations and enjoyed the decaf which may have been whole caf, given how it left me feeling.

Friday, December 2

Body: Wide awake at 3a, and a monkey mind, just got up and went to work at 530a rather than fall back and wake up groggy mid-cycle. Body felt okay, less draggy that I expected, but achey and MEH. Even logged snatches at the end of the day with CJ. Once home, though, I was BOOM exhausted.

Brain: Good despite poor sleep. On the edge of impatient and annoyed at times, but never fell down a deep hole. Got a lot of things done, got to coach a fun client, got to chitchat w/ Chief & Seej, and left work feeling pretty good. At home, pure laziness, and an early bedtime.

Thursday, December 1

Body: Woke about 230a, tossed & turned, finally got up around 3a for water, bathroom, calories. As usual, took ages to fall back, monkey mind, anger. Hank woke me up AFTER Hop had let dogs back in. I was a sad tired mess. Dehydrated and groggy and had to shake off a really shitty dream. Managed about 10 minutes of sun salutations and felt a little better as I moved, but still tired and weak. Spent the morning dragging, even took ibuprofen after a few hours because I was feeling so super creaky. Session still went magically well, press AND deadlift PRs, enough to make me ring the bell. Energy stayed good after that until home; but could've hit bed at 730p or so.

Brain: Tough morning, feeling so tired and the workload was starting to grind me down. Technology problems made me want to cry. Chief ditching me at the last second due to his own workload made me want to cry. Still nailing heavy press AND heavy deadlifts made me want to dance. Hooray! Wonderful team meeting which covered a lot of Mexico prep made me super duper hopeful that we can accomplish a lot, and happy that I'm there, and impressed as usual by the wise young Chiefs. Worked late as expected but got things done and got some play in, and left mentally energized.

Wednesday, November 30

Body: Again woke up at 2a or so, but didn't need to get up. But not waking easily in the normal time, hubs let the dogs out. Body was feeling a little creaky. Managed the yoga but it felt hard. Lightweight lifting was a good balance of sweaty but not heavy. Finished my November volume less than my "starry eyes" had hoped for, but most definitely above my norm. Not sure if it was TOO much above my norm, but I am starting to feel the effects of 9 straight workout days, and looking forward to Friday rest day.

Brain: Still good. Still quite busy and a bit overwhelmed, but staying organized and getting better at prioritizing. Expect a long 2 days yet, and possibly some weekend work, but totally will be worth it when I'm beaching with my favorites in MEHICO.