Wednesday, November 9

Body: Woke H/S/G, earlier this time, like 1a. Dogs up earlier too, 430a. WHYYYYY. Spent the day tired and low-energy. Cut Monday's workout roughly in half, and finished it feeling better than I started: victory. Will be taking Benadryl before bed tonight.

Brain: Actually excited to check the election results and was completely floored by them. I don't comprehend how this happened and now I wish I had been more vocal about my beliefs. (I've been voting Democrat since I was 9 and we "voted" back in grade school - I was all-in for Dukakis!) I'm sad that our new president is so hateful. Where is the love in the world? He sure ain't got none. That left me feeling drained at the start of my day, and then at noon my BB told me there had been another TS layoff, and this time she was in it. I spent the rest of the day feeling so chewed-up and sad, thinking back to the first layoff and how incredibly awful that time felt. Sad for everyone involved. Final night of TT was bittersweet: yay for being done earlier, boo for missing all those faces and the fun energy of it.

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