Tuesday, November 8

Body: Again crap sleep: woke H/S/G, plus dogs were prancing before 5a. Tracking calories, trying to find enough. Sore from yesterday but session went really well. Quite tired in eve; went to bed by 830p.

Brain: Started my day by voting while being insulted by an apparently sexist old dude. Great work day, much accomplished. Second frustrating male encounter; nothing personal but someone who makes my skin crawl and also heightens my awareness of how weak I am in comparison, where are the men around here to keep me safe, etc. I can't fathom being in such a state on a regular basis, like women likely were for many chunks of history and currently are in many areas today. My heart hurts for them; it's terrifying and stultifying and would kill me young if it was my norm to be that stressed every day. Sat in on an initial session with Dustin and as usual heard the CIV telling me there's no way I can do this, but was able to remind myself that Chief has 10 years on me, so of course he's going to be many times more amazing than me, that's not where I am expected to be, stop freaking out. Trying. Went to the library to find a yoga book of routines but they weren't what I wanted, so I guess I'll rely on YouTube. Somehow didn't have much time to read at home, probably because I kept combing the interwebz looking for reassurance that I wouldn't wake up to a terrible election result.

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