Thursday, November 10

Body: Slept better thanks to the Benadryl; woke at 330a (but not H/S/G) after sleeping like a solid rock. Fell back relatively quickly until the dogs at 5a. Got up tired but a little better than yesterday. Think that I only needed 1 Benadryl, not 1.5. Energy was only okay all morning, but session went well and felt good (got to deadlift 225!) and the afternoon was better. On the drive home I realized I was physically tired but not so mentally tired.

Brain: Still feeling a little defeated, and anxious about my first SP coaching session tonight - tamping down the CIV with the mini-Dustin voice that has nothing but confidence. Went through the program with him in detail and then didn't think about it until the afternoon - minimize the anxiety. A good, productive work day. Trained my first two clients EVAH and it went pretty well. I just told myself to trust in Dustin. It flew by and I could hardly believe time was already up. They seemed to feel the same, and it was honestly very fun. I kinda loved it! I struggled with a few pieces of it but I would call them minor. I also talked with a client who had said she was hoping to train with me (she used to come to my TS workout classes) and said I could, but it would have to be different nights than now, and she said OKAY! She is super sweet and I will love working with her again. I love the happy people! Also spent time talking with a former TSer who was in the first layoff, and it was helpful to hear more about how this one went down and who got what. We both feel pretty awful, but she is one who is a shining example of having a better place now, so it's helping the brain to imagine a better future for all of them. Left work fairly late because of all the chitchat the slowness in annotating on my client programs (!) but I had nothing better to do anyway, so it was all good.

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