Sunday, November 6

Body: Terrible sleep. Woke h/s/g and got up around 2a (old time? new time?). Tossed & turned a LOT before falling asleep. Body a little sore (left glute ache is back) but lifting was pretty good. Did not nap but did eat a lot again.

Brain: Fair. Went to do Dad's bookwork and ended up having to go all the way to him because they changed the lock three months ago - but I've been going while somebody has been there since last summer. Oh well, got to pet the pooches. Bonus found at grocery store: cinnamon-raisin bread by the fine folks who make my new sandwich bread, which means I'm testing that today! Lifting went well. Sat in the sunshine brushing pets; although not as nice as yesterday, still glorious. Wish it wasn't hunting season so I could take the pooches adventuring. Nice productive day.

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