Sunday, November 27

Body: Got up feeling like hell again, but it improved some by the end of the day. (Two full days of creatine loading now.) Was pretty anxious about lifting, feeling so achey everywhere, but once again it went well and deadlifts were rather heavy but still doable: hooray! I hope creatine helps tendons too, because the elbows are a little whiny already.

Brain: Happy lifting. Lunch with Timmy. Shopping at Goodwill. Searched for Dustin's wanted book (literally read every spine on their shelves) and didn't find it but DID get three books on my "to read" list for a whopping $4.50. Also bought a hula hoop to bring to NSS. Practiced and nailed it ONCE but otherwise sucked and am okay with that! Chores done including some food experimenting; good thing it turned out because I'll probably eat it for about ten meals this week!

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