Sunday, November 20

Body: Got up feeling good after 10.75 hours of sleep, thanks partly to Benadryl and partly to the hubs sleeping on the couch so the pooches bothered HIM in the morning, not me. It was GAH-LOOORIOUS. Some aches from yesterday's bad butchering positions, but warm-up movements felt good and lifting went really well. Deadlifts are my beloved again! Napped/dozed in the afternoon, much laziness in the day. Thought about snowshoeing, but opted for that nap instead.

Brain: Good. Great lifting, chores done, usual Sunday. No guilt over not attending an event that "normal me" would feel massive guilt over. This past week was so overbooked, that my weekend simply could not be. Mentally, I couldn't afford it. See, I'm learning!

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