Sunday, November 13

Body: Slept like a CHAMP, didn't wake up until the dogs whined at 6a. Glorious! Felt achey, legs feeling the squats big time. Still, lifting went mostly well; OH press still being a tough little bitch, but deadlifts feeling fabulous: hooray! Even found time to log a little yoga, and changed my plan from one yoga workout weekly to just sprinkling in 10 minutes after a lifting workout, literally get to 30 minutes by averaging 5 per day. I can do that! After lifting, the warm temps & blazing sun sent me LCSP-ing with the pooches for two hours. I literally wore a tank top for most of it. This weather is incredible. Also probably totally global warming and the end of us all - so we might as well enjoy it!

Brain: Excellent. A nice quiet day, solid lifting, lovely long walk (except for misbehaving pooches), much progress in a good audiobook, and chores knocked out. 

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