Saturday, November 5

Body: Excellent sleep and got up feeling great. Some low-back tightness. Lifted like a champ and everything felt pretty much fantastic. Somewhat concerned I'll pay for it tomorrow, but ate a LOT of calories mid-day to try to combat it. Took a wonderful walk with Shannon in the sunshine and later sat reading in the sun to soak up the vitamin D. While doing floor slides I decided a weekly yoga workout is seriously in order. May do that on the weekdays I feel spent, or otherwise plan it for Friday afternoons. My ROM in some joints is rather sad and I'm turning into such a PLMH that I'm going to jack myself up without specific mobility work, and yoga seems like the most enjoyable way to get it.

Brain: Fantastic day. Bills paid up. Some panic at an impending cash flow crisis, but I knew it was coming. Lifting going so well (feeling so GOOD) was a giant high. Lunch & walk with Shannon was perfection no rush to get back to work like usual, and post-walk I think we stood there chatting for another 45 minutes. Reading & eating in the sunshine in the afternoon. Quiet bliss.

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