Saturday, November 19

Body: Benadryl let me sleep like a champ again. Got up feeling mostly good, although a little creaky. Lifting went really well, given that everything felt junky to start with. Moving on up with both squats & bench: YAY! Then spent the day butchering hogs, which was exhausting. My hands hurt, my feet hurt, and I'm shot. But I got half a pig for $70!

Brain: Good. A great lifting session, a fun day full of solid work with family, with less shitty political talk than I had expected, though there was still some. Got to see my furry little stepbrothers and give them some love. Human brother's GF & her kids were there, which is super fun, though I didn't get much time with them. At home: shot. Caught up on FB and then was spent, jislikedat.

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