Friday, November 4

Body: Terrible sleep, h/s/g and had to get up at 3a. Most of this week has been like that, but this was the first night I actually had to get up. Been tracking my protein to make sure it's enough but I may have to track everything again? Ugh. I don't feel like I'm eating dramatically different, just trying to cut out the overeating, hard to imagine it's adding up to more than even 1000 calories per week in difference, yet it's enough to screw with my sleep? So frustrating. Body is still pretty sore, mostly in the lats. Like, gentle hugs only, please! Had a craving to work out, but after working late last night I decided I could bail an hour early today, so I met up with Timmy for a nice long chit-chatty walk at LCSP.

Brain: Lovely day at NSS because I am moving all the brain-intensive client billing to Mondays, so that when my coworkers are in chattery Friday mode, I don't hate them. WIN! Instead I worked on a lot of smaller projects and felt very accomplished. Also caught a "both boss boys" error in marketing and was able to fix everything before it went in front of the masses, WHEW. Lovely walk catching up with Lisa, and a giant "holy crap" to tank top walking weather in NOVEMBER. Finished another book in the eve, with all the pets snugged up close.

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