Friday, November 18

Body: Woke H/S/G yet again, and took half a Benadryl while I was up, at 2am. Then I magically slept all the way until 7:20 which was a total shock. Got up feeling good but the doctor visit changed that. New IUD, many cramps. Blizzard driving added high tension and resulting exhaustion. Managed to work for a few hours, but didn't start feeling normal until it was time to go home.

Brain: Fair. The cramps and driving were again very draining. As I felt better, the brain did better. So grateful that Fridays are no longer my busiest workdays. At home, spent a tiny bit of time in the snow (fetch, shoveling, tiny-snowman-building), then watched a couple movies with the hubs. Good way to end the day.

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