Friday, November 11

Body: Woke h/s/g at 130a, got up for bathroom, water, piece of raisin bread. Fell back but took a while; angry that I forgot to take Benadryl. At 5a, woke to cramping guts. Happened once last week too, but then it went away as I moved around. Today it just got worse until I ate two ibuprofen and went back to bed. After about a half hour (not sleeping) it finally stopped. Low energy, moved slowly all day. The cramps resumed and required more ibuprofen 2 more times. It was kind of awful but when guts were calm I was okay, just feeling drained and slow.

Brain: Tired, drained, slow, hurting. Not able to be chipper. Got a lot done but also got stuck a lot. Left work promptly at 4 and came home to the couch. Curled up with Hanky and dozed for an hour on the couch. Then a bit of reading time plus 2 movies with the hubs so the brain could shut off.

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