Tuesday, November 29

Body: Feeling good, and hit PRs in both squat & bench, and things just FELT GOOD besides. Happy little meathead. Managed morning yoga that felt good, but got bored after 10 minutes. I just do not have endurance at 630a. Didn't sleep well; woke 2a-ish, but didn't need to get up - but I had taken Benadryl. Not cool, body.

Brain: Very good. Bits of texty chitchat with besties. Busy workday. Chief all to myself for my session. Wonderfully fun time coaching.

Monday, November 28

Body: Feeling pretty good. Did my lightweight press & deadlift workout and it felt great. Did snatches for the first time since the TSC and they were like buttah.

Brain: Good. Busy, lots to do, lots done. Mexico trip means boss boy prep means Sabrina prep. Oof. This whole week is likely to be busy, but I'm ready for it, as the weekend is pretty quiet.

Sunday, November 27

Body: Got up feeling like hell again, but it improved some by the end of the day. (Two full days of creatine loading now.) Was pretty anxious about lifting, feeling so achey everywhere, but once again it went well and deadlifts were rather heavy but still doable: hooray! I hope creatine helps tendons too, because the elbows are a little whiny already.

Brain: Happy lifting. Lunch with Timmy. Shopping at Goodwill. Searched for Dustin's wanted book (literally read every spine on their shelves) and didn't find it but DID get three books on my "to read" list for a whopping $4.50. Also bought a hula hoop to bring to NSS. Practiced and nailed it ONCE but otherwise sucked and am okay with that! Chores done including some food experimenting; good thing it turned out because I'll probably eat it for about ten meals this week!

Saturday, November 26

Body: Slept in but got up feeling like HELL. Creatine arrived yesterday and I got one dose in before bed and thought I should wake up feeling like a superhero...but basically the opposite. Began loading phase with trust in the science. Smallish acne reaction to all the sugar in past two days, better than I expected, really. Lifting was a light day anyway and thankful for that. Wanted to take the pooches on a hike but another family Thanksgiving was required.

Brain: Good. Lots of chores done, family time, a good day other than the drive home in fog so thick I could only see two of the dotted center line at a time. Very disorienting, was so happy to find the driveway.

Friday, November 25

Body: Lots of good sleep again (thanks Benadryl) and still a little sore but lifting went very very well.  Even climbed the rope again since I was not a paying client at the time! Post lifting, all of us meatheads feasted at Trav's, then I got my one nap of the weekend.

Brain: Quiet morning with pets while Hop went to work. Lifted with my meathead coworkers and lunched with them and laughed myself one hell of an ab workout. Nap with kittehs. Movie night with hubs.

Thursday, November 24

Body: Slept in a little thanks to Hank being happily in bed with me. Little sore & achey again. Lightweight lifting in the basement before refueling with All The Protein and probably a little Too Much Sugar.

Brain: Birthday happiness: lots of messages, couple cards, generous parental gift, lots of food, birthday pictures, fun playing cards, came out a tiny bit ahead even.

Wednesday, November 23

Body: Fairly sore all over. Slept well though. Session went VERY well, with deadlifts continuing to love me back.

Brain: Wonderful. Treats day (BWCs & fudge) to celebrate my birthday. Two coaching sessions! Calm night at home. Hop went drinking so I let Hank sleep in the bed (so did the cats, long as he stayed on Hop's side).

Tuesday, November 22

Body: Feeling very good. Managing a little yoga most mornings.  Session went well. Still using Benadryl to sleep each night, and not willing to test going without. Ordered creatine today because it's supposed to help recovery.

Brain: Life is wonderful. Hence, not really even documenting daily life anymore, catching up days later.

Monday, November 21

Body: Slept great (thanks to Benadryl) and got up refreshed but traps are SUPER sore. Planned rest day anyway, after big weekend and with back-to-back heavy lifting coming up.

Brain: Excellent. Much work accomplished, good attitude, happy day. Coached my third client! Rose had specifically requested me and I just love her chipper attitude no matter what is happening in her life. She's a peach.

Sunday, November 20

Body: Got up feeling good after 10.75 hours of sleep, thanks partly to Benadryl and partly to the hubs sleeping on the couch so the pooches bothered HIM in the morning, not me. It was GAH-LOOORIOUS. Some aches from yesterday's bad butchering positions, but warm-up movements felt good and lifting went really well. Deadlifts are my beloved again! Napped/dozed in the afternoon, much laziness in the day. Thought about snowshoeing, but opted for that nap instead.

Brain: Good. Great lifting, chores done, usual Sunday. No guilt over not attending an event that "normal me" would feel massive guilt over. This past week was so overbooked, that my weekend simply could not be. Mentally, I couldn't afford it. See, I'm learning!

Saturday, November 19

Body: Benadryl let me sleep like a champ again. Got up feeling mostly good, although a little creaky. Lifting went really well, given that everything felt junky to start with. Moving on up with both squats & bench: YAY! Then spent the day butchering hogs, which was exhausting. My hands hurt, my feet hurt, and I'm shot. But I got half a pig for $70!

Brain: Good. A great lifting session, a fun day full of solid work with family, with less shitty political talk than I had expected, though there was still some. Got to see my furry little stepbrothers and give them some love. Human brother's GF & her kids were there, which is super fun, though I didn't get much time with them. At home: shot. Caught up on FB and then was spent, jislikedat.

Friday, November 18

Body: Woke H/S/G yet again, and took half a Benadryl while I was up, at 2am. Then I magically slept all the way until 7:20 which was a total shock. Got up feeling good but the doctor visit changed that. New IUD, many cramps. Blizzard driving added high tension and resulting exhaustion. Managed to work for a few hours, but didn't start feeling normal until it was time to go home.

Brain: Fair. The cramps and driving were again very draining. As I felt better, the brain did better. So grateful that Fridays are no longer my busiest workdays. At home, spent a tiny bit of time in the snow (fetch, shoveling, tiny-snowman-building), then watched a couple movies with the hubs. Good way to end the day.

Thursday, November 17

Body: Took a Benadryl and slept through the night, finally. Got up feeling good. Had a great session, even PRd on the OHP although I am still so frustrated by that damned lift. Even Chief knew that "it wasn't good enough" by my reaction.

Brain: Significantly better. Good sleep helps. Great workday. Fun coaching session again.

Wednesday, November 16

Body: Woke H/S/G again. What the hell? So frustrating. Felt awful much of the day, crampy innards despite steady ibuprofen. VERY tired. Couldn't muster energy for a workout and also didn't have much brain power. Thought about taking a walk but it sounded like too much work, somehow. Hid in a quiet office and sat all afternoon, working on a somewhat draining project. Dumb.

Brain: Low. So tired of the weird cramps and how draining that is. Mentally shot from the poor sleep for three straight weeks now. Part of the afternoon slump was me saving what little energy I had so that I could be bright and chipper at the finale. I was, and it was quite fun, although a disappointingly small turnout. The conversations were awesome, though.

Tuesday, November 15

Body: Woke H/S/G and had to get up. But woke up feeling okay. Decent energy, good lifting.

Brain: Good. Lots accomplished. Errands ran. Went to Dawn's to help make food for the finale tomorrow night. Very fun, but meant I went straight to the shower when I got home.

Monday, November 14

Body: Good. Slept like a champ. Did my mini-meatheading workout and it felt perfectly right.

Brain: Wonderful. Productive day and led a last TT workout for the SGC peeps.

Sunday, November 13

Body: Slept like a CHAMP, didn't wake up until the dogs whined at 6a. Glorious! Felt achey, legs feeling the squats big time. Still, lifting went mostly well; OH press still being a tough little bitch, but deadlifts feeling fabulous: hooray! Even found time to log a little yoga, and changed my plan from one yoga workout weekly to just sprinkling in 10 minutes after a lifting workout, literally get to 30 minutes by averaging 5 per day. I can do that! After lifting, the warm temps & blazing sun sent me LCSP-ing with the pooches for two hours. I literally wore a tank top for most of it. This weather is incredible. Also probably totally global warming and the end of us all - so we might as well enjoy it!

Brain: Excellent. A nice quiet day, solid lifting, lovely long walk (except for misbehaving pooches), much progress in a good audiobook, and chores knocked out. 

Saturday, November 12

Body: Slept through the night possibly thanks to the Benadryl. Got up a little tired (not long enough) but no crampy guts and no aches or pains, hooray! Logged an excellent lifting session, followed by a long chatty walk with my BB in unseasonably warm fall sunshine (still). Tried to nap but it was short.

Brain:Very good. Happy lifting. Lovely walk. Lots of BB time, with bonus GP & Woody visit. Kinda-nap with kittehs. Time to catch up on the emails and interwebz. Trying to make a new life rule for Facebook: Don't just "Like" anything - post an actual thought, and actually interact with people, rather than only consuming people's updates and pictures. Laziness in eve, camped out on couch and watched another movie.

Friday, November 11

Body: Woke h/s/g at 130a, got up for bathroom, water, piece of raisin bread. Fell back but took a while; angry that I forgot to take Benadryl. At 5a, woke to cramping guts. Happened once last week too, but then it went away as I moved around. Today it just got worse until I ate two ibuprofen and went back to bed. After about a half hour (not sleeping) it finally stopped. Low energy, moved slowly all day. The cramps resumed and required more ibuprofen 2 more times. It was kind of awful but when guts were calm I was okay, just feeling drained and slow.

Brain: Tired, drained, slow, hurting. Not able to be chipper. Got a lot done but also got stuck a lot. Left work promptly at 4 and came home to the couch. Curled up with Hanky and dozed for an hour on the couch. Then a bit of reading time plus 2 movies with the hubs so the brain could shut off.

Thursday, November 10

Body: Slept better thanks to the Benadryl; woke at 330a (but not H/S/G) after sleeping like a solid rock. Fell back relatively quickly until the dogs at 5a. Got up tired but a little better than yesterday. Think that I only needed 1 Benadryl, not 1.5. Energy was only okay all morning, but session went well and felt good (got to deadlift 225!) and the afternoon was better. On the drive home I realized I was physically tired but not so mentally tired.

Brain: Still feeling a little defeated, and anxious about my first SP coaching session tonight - tamping down the CIV with the mini-Dustin voice that has nothing but confidence. Went through the program with him in detail and then didn't think about it until the afternoon - minimize the anxiety. A good, productive work day. Trained my first two clients EVAH and it went pretty well. I just told myself to trust in Dustin. It flew by and I could hardly believe time was already up. They seemed to feel the same, and it was honestly very fun. I kinda loved it! I struggled with a few pieces of it but I would call them minor. I also talked with a client who had said she was hoping to train with me (she used to come to my TS workout classes) and said I could, but it would have to be different nights than now, and she said OKAY! She is super sweet and I will love working with her again. I love the happy people! Also spent time talking with a former TSer who was in the first layoff, and it was helpful to hear more about how this one went down and who got what. We both feel pretty awful, but she is one who is a shining example of having a better place now, so it's helping the brain to imagine a better future for all of them. Left work fairly late because of all the chitchat the slowness in annotating on my client programs (!) but I had nothing better to do anyway, so it was all good.

Wednesday, November 9

Body: Woke H/S/G, earlier this time, like 1a. Dogs up earlier too, 430a. WHYYYYY. Spent the day tired and low-energy. Cut Monday's workout roughly in half, and finished it feeling better than I started: victory. Will be taking Benadryl before bed tonight.

Brain: Actually excited to check the election results and was completely floored by them. I don't comprehend how this happened and now I wish I had been more vocal about my beliefs. (I've been voting Democrat since I was 9 and we "voted" back in grade school - I was all-in for Dukakis!) I'm sad that our new president is so hateful. Where is the love in the world? He sure ain't got none. That left me feeling drained at the start of my day, and then at noon my BB told me there had been another TS layoff, and this time she was in it. I spent the rest of the day feeling so chewed-up and sad, thinking back to the first layoff and how incredibly awful that time felt. Sad for everyone involved. Final night of TT was bittersweet: yay for being done earlier, boo for missing all those faces and the fun energy of it.

Tuesday, November 8

Body: Again crap sleep: woke H/S/G, plus dogs were prancing before 5a. Tracking calories, trying to find enough. Sore from yesterday but session went really well. Quite tired in eve; went to bed by 830p.

Brain: Started my day by voting while being insulted by an apparently sexist old dude. Great work day, much accomplished. Second frustrating male encounter; nothing personal but someone who makes my skin crawl and also heightens my awareness of how weak I am in comparison, where are the men around here to keep me safe, etc. I can't fathom being in such a state on a regular basis, like women likely were for many chunks of history and currently are in many areas today. My heart hurts for them; it's terrifying and stultifying and would kill me young if it was my norm to be that stressed every day. Sat in on an initial session with Dustin and as usual heard the CIV telling me there's no way I can do this, but was able to remind myself that Chief has 10 years on me, so of course he's going to be many times more amazing than me, that's not where I am expected to be, stop freaking out. Trying. Went to the library to find a yoga book of routines but they weren't what I wanted, so I guess I'll rely on YouTube. Somehow didn't have much time to read at home, probably because I kept combing the interwebz looking for reassurance that I wouldn't wake up to a terrible election result.

Monday, November 7

Body: Slept poorly, but feeling pretty good. Did a too-much workout that felt great at the time, but sweat & soreness doesn't make you better. Need to reduce the volume on the "off" days, get a better "training" and not a "workout" mentality.

Brain: Monday at NSS, no DBB, happy happy girl. Lots accomplished, fun workout times, fun team training. Silence at home.

Sunday, November 6

Body: Terrible sleep. Woke h/s/g and got up around 2a (old time? new time?). Tossed & turned a LOT before falling asleep. Body a little sore (left glute ache is back) but lifting was pretty good. Did not nap but did eat a lot again.

Brain: Fair. Went to do Dad's bookwork and ended up having to go all the way to him because they changed the lock three months ago - but I've been going while somebody has been there since last summer. Oh well, got to pet the pooches. Bonus found at grocery store: cinnamon-raisin bread by the fine folks who make my new sandwich bread, which means I'm testing that today! Lifting went well. Sat in the sunshine brushing pets; although not as nice as yesterday, still glorious. Wish it wasn't hunting season so I could take the pooches adventuring. Nice productive day.

Saturday, November 5

Body: Excellent sleep and got up feeling great. Some low-back tightness. Lifted like a champ and everything felt pretty much fantastic. Somewhat concerned I'll pay for it tomorrow, but ate a LOT of calories mid-day to try to combat it. Took a wonderful walk with Shannon in the sunshine and later sat reading in the sun to soak up the vitamin D. While doing floor slides I decided a weekly yoga workout is seriously in order. May do that on the weekdays I feel spent, or otherwise plan it for Friday afternoons. My ROM in some joints is rather sad and I'm turning into such a PLMH that I'm going to jack myself up without specific mobility work, and yoga seems like the most enjoyable way to get it.

Brain: Fantastic day. Bills paid up. Some panic at an impending cash flow crisis, but I knew it was coming. Lifting going so well (feeling so GOOD) was a giant high. Lunch & walk with Shannon was perfection no rush to get back to work like usual, and post-walk I think we stood there chatting for another 45 minutes. Reading & eating in the sunshine in the afternoon. Quiet bliss.

Friday, November 4

Body: Terrible sleep, h/s/g and had to get up at 3a. Most of this week has been like that, but this was the first night I actually had to get up. Been tracking my protein to make sure it's enough but I may have to track everything again? Ugh. I don't feel like I'm eating dramatically different, just trying to cut out the overeating, hard to imagine it's adding up to more than even 1000 calories per week in difference, yet it's enough to screw with my sleep? So frustrating. Body is still pretty sore, mostly in the lats. Like, gentle hugs only, please! Had a craving to work out, but after working late last night I decided I could bail an hour early today, so I met up with Timmy for a nice long chit-chatty walk at LCSP.

Brain: Lovely day at NSS because I am moving all the brain-intensive client billing to Mondays, so that when my coworkers are in chattery Friday mode, I don't hate them. WIN! Instead I worked on a lot of smaller projects and felt very accomplished. Also caught a "both boss boys" error in marketing and was able to fix everything before it went in front of the masses, WHEW. Lovely walk catching up with Lisa, and a giant "holy crap" to tank top walking weather in NOVEMBER. Finished another book in the eve, with all the pets snugged up close.

Thursday, November 3

Body: Pretty sore, probably mostly from the Wednesday workout. Session still went really well. Happy deadlifts!

Brain: Still wonderful. Beautiful fall weather, although I did errands before getting home so there wasn't much time to enjoy it, but it's making everyone's brain SO very happy. Lots of reading being done on these dark evenings. also making my brain so very happy.

Wednesday, November 2

Body: Pretty good. Some soreness but nothing unusual. Did a workout that was fairly high intensity, much like good ol' Spartacus, and it was fun, but probably not something I should do often.

Brain: My first "real" day as an NSS full-timer, because I wouldn't have been here otherwise. HAPPINESS! Super duper lovely. I did feel the LENGTH of the day, but putting in the workout at 12:30 helped mitigate. Lovely eve at home. Life is just do damned good right now.

Tuesday, November 1

Body: Feeling good although very sore hamstrings. Session went very well, squats better than I would have dreamed. Bench solid but not amazing. Added weight to pulls and still kicked ass at them.

Brain: Wonderful. First official day as a full-timer at NSS and enjoyed excitement from coworkers. Productive day. Errands after work followed by quiet time at home: lovely!

Monday, October 31

Body: A little fatigued; left glute still sore, and muscles now all feeling the weekend. Some low-back tightness. Nothing concerning.

Brain: LAST DAY AT DBB. Excited to be at NSS full-time of course, but wish I could go without completely leaving these peeps. However, it was not a very sad day - not full of hugs & tears. I do care about them, but they are not my TRIBE, the people that make me come alive. I am so stinkin' excited to spend everyday at NSS because that IS my tribe. TT in the eve, super fun times as always!