Wednesday, October 19

Body: Already feeling yesterday's session first thing in the morning, oof. Didn't get any worse, though.

Brain: Fun times fixing a client's QB onsite, including a convo about how many businesses need QB help. It left me thinking about how that used to be my long-term plan, to get out of the tax-prep world and into the bookkeeping-for-others world instead, on my own, full-time life. And yet I'm so easily turning away from that to do a scary-to-me job (coaching) at one place, NOT working for myself. So easily, without hardly thinking about it. Because NSS changed my life, because NSS has the ability to change so many lives, because I want to be a part of that, forever. I want to be a part of making women stronger & fitter, and finding enjoyment in doing that, not in punishing themselves, making themselves miserable to fulfill someone else's expectations. Small group at TT in the eve, much easier to manage that way and still super delightful fun times. Quiet at home: lovely.

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