Wednesday, October 12

Body: Fabulous long night of sleep, got up feeling good. No time to run, Dad's bookwork at noon, TT in eve.

Brain: Started logging my food yesterday in order to get my sleep in order. Also an excuse to learn My Fitness Pal so I can talk about it with clients. But man, I immediately felt the old feels around spending what feels like hours inputting food, and looking at the numbers, and also looking at their recommendations which make me want to punch things. Little warnings like I'm nearing my fat limit or "this food is high in saturated fat!" made me screamy. I'm not sure I can do it for more than a day or two; paper at least doesn't fucking JUDGE.

Normal taxy day, plus a visit with Dad, followed by the dentist (scheduled THREE doctor appointments today, adulting champ!). After work, TT was a TON of fun, and I felt far very comfortable walking around and coaching people. Finally. It was fantastic fun. Home was nicely quiet.

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