Tuesday, October 11

Body: Feeling pretty good. Nothing lingering from T&S weekend. (Nothing!) My session was back to my old favorites, squat & bench & love.

Brain: SO GOOD. Had my quarterly review with boss boys and they never cease to amaze me. These young pups are so fucking wise, it's astounding. They had lovely praise for me, and Dustin especially gave me a huge boost about coaching, although potentially a little TOO high of expectation if I get down on myself again, but I'm trying very hard to be the person that the mini-Chief inside my head believes I can be. We discussed figuring out my hours and how to structure that (actually meaning that I need to figure out what I want to do to fit into their expectations). Managed to adult nicely after work, from dog pills to gas & wash, and a library visit where ONCE AGAIN I ran into Bethany who is always a beautiful smile and gives a warm hug and is an inspiring chitchat. At home I caught up on the financial chore and felt panicky at our spending. Lotta unexpected car expenses all at once drained that savings, and that happening right after the planned drain of vacation savings compounded my anxiety. Time to limit Amazon & Target browsing, and stop looking at new shoes!

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