Thursday, October 13

Body: Woke in the night needing to get up, h/s/g. Feeling pretty good. Tiny bit of squat soreness, but nothing in upper body. Session went well enough, given how I've felt most of the past few weeks. After work, because it was a glorious fall day, I happily went to LCSP. Running was feeling hard on the lungs & brain, so I walked a lot, and took a lot of pictures, and deeply missed my Heidi, but didn't dwell on it too much. Haven't figured out what I'll do come winter, just yet.

Brain: Very good. Didn't get the work done that I wanted to (feel like I can point to nothing accomplished today), but had a great Chief meeting, sat in on a consult, had a wonderful time at the team meeting, and thoroughly enjoyed my day. Ran into Steph & her mama on the street & we chatted (lovely people). Blissful fall trails. Weekend plans solidifying (and minimal). Hubs gone to a "safety meeting" with coworkers, so the house was silent other than snoring pets. It's a good life.

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