Sunday, October 2

Body: Still very tired. Canceled my 7a running date and slept until 7 instead. Can't believe (and dislike) how exhausted I feel. Kept the day quiet & easy, but did the workout for STRONGirl in order to better understand how to coach it. Managed to avoid a nap, but accomplished similar relaxation by reading in the hammock. Coerced the hubs to join me & the dogs in fetching HH's birthday present out at LCSP. An easy walk that I felt like I could've been running: that's great, for where I am.

Brain: Doing very well. A bit angry to be feeling so tired, but no worries in avoiding my normal workouts, just a little sadness that I'm too exhausted to soak up more fall trails. Enjoyed having a quiet weekend at home to get a lot done, especially food prep, knowing the week ahead is going to be a bit much.

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