Sunday, October 16

Body: Great night of solid sleep, though Hanky wouldn't let me sleep in, of course. Lifted mid-morning and did All The Things which included some SGC moves and focused accessory and then a complex I just felt like playing with. Things felt good for where they should be, although OHP is stalling in a very disappointing way. Reread parts of that chapter of Starting Strength during my rest periods.

Brain: Hubs gone all day again, it's family wood-cutting extravaganza weekend I guess, and I'm sure they are all wondering why I'm not there to help. Because I already had weekend plans when I first learned about it, that's why; maybe my plans look a lot like laziness, but that's exactly what I planned & needed this weekend, so they can judge away. Got my chores done, got two errands done (including decorating for Boss's Day), and had plenty of reading time. I hit triple-digit books finished this year. Holy shitballs, that's a lot of reading. No wonder I never seem to get anything else done!

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