Saturday, October 8

Body: Woke often, fairly achey. Got up feeling pretty junky, and VERY worried about the run. My favorite run, most beautiful of them all, so I took a boatload of pictures. Also stayed last so that it didn't matter if I picked my way slowly or filmed my favorite little trickling creek for 45 seconds (both legit). I felt tired and slow, and fully recognized the state my body was in, and was very worried that any missteps would cause lasting trouble, and so I gave myself a lot of grace on this one. Naptime was a SOLID full sleep cycle. The afternoon run was a terrible idea as usual, 3 miles that felt like 6, on terrain that felt tough but couldn't have been much easier. Again I stayed in back and took pictures, and sought to enjoy it. Body felt better at the end of the day than at the beginning - yay, ice/lake bath!

Brain: Decent. Enjoyed the trails and the sunrise and the immense beauty. Grateful to be running it this year, even if I'm not in the best shape I've ever been for it. Zero regret about canceling next weekend's 50k, which felt possible today, but also felt like I'd pay for it for weeks. Not worth it. Turned a little anti-social at the cabin, reading the book even at the table when everyone else was chitchatting. Introverts, unite! (Quietly, in your own rooms.)

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