Saturday, October 29

Body: Took a while to fall asleep last night, and Hanky made me get up at 515a just like any other day. Learn about weekends, jerk! Body feels better than it did yesterday, although I seem to have some blisters from yesterday's walk, what now? Logged my first home meatheading workout of the winter plan and loved it. Finished feeling refreshed as though at NSS. Score! Solid nap after lunch, just because I could, not that I needed it so much.

Brain: Got some chores done early, updated my reading list thanks to Mark Fisher's list (I kind of want to be a female version of that guy), and then got to sling iron. Had zero desire to be out running, which is good, because I am firmly setting that aside for the winter, unless my Heidi moves home to be my running buddy again. Afternoon nap with all the critters. Lots of reading done. Supper out with the hubs at my favorite place.

I am fighting the Mexico beach body thoughts. I don't want to care, but I don't want dread being seen on the beach either. In trying to find myself a compromise, I've come up with this: lift like an idiot meathead. Make sure I'm eating enough to feel good. BUT, each week just cut out one food that I seem to have a problem with moderating. This week it's been potato chips. And yes, I miss them, and it helped me realize how often I relied on them to be my source of carbs. So there's awareness being added, not just pure deprivation. And I will allow them back into my life next week, with that added awareness. Easy win!

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