Saturday, October 15

Body: Excellent night of sleep, including waking naturally at 6am, wowza! After breakfast & some reading time, I dressed to run, but assessed things and realized I didn't really WANT to run, I just wanted to get to the woods. So I decided Hanky & I would just take a very long walk, and so we did, and it was lovely. I didn't finish feeling drained & nappy, so I could get things done at home.

Brain: Good. I have zero regrets not WDing today, but I realized I spent the past 5 straight years at it, either running or crewing or volunteering, so it's strange not to be there. But I'm happy to be home. Logged a couple errands and then headed home for chores & ample reading time.

Yesterday just before eating supper I realized I hadn't logged any food yet, and I had a near-physical reaction of revulsion, practically gagging at the very idea of it. I won't be doing that anymore. I came in about where I need to be, and so I can stop. And I completely hated it, so I will stop. I made it all of three days.

Got some FANTASTIC news from a friend that made me so happy I cried. Secret for now, and not my news to share anyway, but will be really wonderful for me.

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