Saturday, October 1

Body: Poor sleep, but enough. Got up at normal time, was exhausted by 2p when I got home. Napped almost 2 hours. Had planned to do the first SGC strength workout to understand it better, but had zero energy. Slothed all eve.

Probably not a surprise given sleep & stress lately, and maybe just reached the overload point, that all the extra running workouts finally hit me, but it worried me anyway, and I indulged in extra carbs even though eating actually felt like a chore. Given Chief's sickness this week, I figured I'd be extra careful and not push any workouts or slack on calories. I am plumb out of spoons.

Brain: Good, but so tired. Normal work, then TSC fun, then a bit more normal work, then shopping for friends & bosses, then home to crash. Post-nap I indulged in a book outside on the deck in the sun, but after that I got my bills paid. Ready to crash early again.

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