Friday, September 30

Body: Tired, poor sleep. Keep waking in middle of night again, WTF? Had plans to run after work, was mentally shot and needing to work late, so cancelled. Went to bed at 830p, feeling like I could've by 7p. Some was mental drain, but also cumulative sleep issues, and I'd say I significantly underestimated the stress of GOOD news on my system for the past week.

Brain: Had tons of work, including more as I thought ahead to next week. Chief out sick put a damper on the mood. Went to lunch with old TS coworkers but didn't tell them the news, it's not ready to be public just yet. So much work, I stayed until 6p; much of this is crash of month-end, quarter-end, SGC, TSC nonsense - but it's also because next week has only 2 legit work days to accomplish things. Oof.

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