Friday, October 21

Body: Feeling good, no aches from yesterday. Last week the low back was tight from deadlifts, not today - woo hoo! Once again I packed running gear but didn't want to use it. If my pups were on the way to the trails I probably would've, but I didn't want to drive for an hour to get there. And I just don't want to go running by myself. I want social runs. At home, I did make one lap around the house carrying my 20kg KB, but nothing more than that.

Brain: Excellent. Busy work morning, lovely lunch w/ Timmy & Mac, then a busy meet-prep afternoon. Really excited for that, but not so much for the volunteer position I'll have, which doesn't get me a front-row seat. At home, hubs gone, so just me & the pets & my book: bliss. Some silly texts with the boss boys. An update from a friend with troubling hubs issues, a relief because I'd been worrying that I hadn't heard from her in a while.

Sadness from reading political posts made my people I thought I really connected with. I truly hate how divisive it makes everyone; I surely have anger-filled screamy thoughts, but I don't post them, because I know it would make me sound like an asshole. I wish more people could see how they are representing themselves. It's possible to dislike a candidate without resorting to childish hyperbolic insults about him/her as if one is still in second grade. Isn't it?

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