Wednesday, September 7

Body: Slept well, but could've slept longer, but damn dogs this time. QLs are feeling quite tight, out of the blue. Low energy due to mentally draining workload. And worked too late to run. Upset. 

Brain: Pretty good. Kind of resenting the upcoming weekend, all the packing & planning & effort to benefit a friend who doesn't deserve it. Trying to figure out when I could run and get my own SHT time, without it wearing me out / becoming a useless crew member (no good time, besides maybe Sunday before we leave, which is perhaps the ideal time, if I could escape by myself). Trying to find places along the route we can access the lake shore for some bliss. Plotted a lunch date with the ol' TS peeps at the end of the month. Some silliness with emails/texts. Really got drained at the end of the day; deadlines loom (next week) for extended tax returns, and I still have some to wade through. But can't give any extra time until next Wednesday, if it's necessary, because I have to be at NSS for our fundraiser next Monday night. It's shockingly hard to work two jobs like this, always feeling the pull of more hours needed, at both; too often I give in, which means less down time, which inevitably leads to breaking. I don't wanna break anymore. (And I want out. I still don't know if I get out.) Packing in the eve left me upset about allergies and regretful about how I give my time. I told the husband not to let me do this again. 

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