Wednesday, September 28

Body: Took forever to fall asleep, woke h/s/g at 3a but didn't get up, woke at 4, woke to dogs at 530a, got up okay but unhappy. Right knee is having issues on the backside and lower right (almost ITB?) in addition to where the quad insertion has been aching. Yesterday I decided it may be caused by the SL squats on Tuesdays, and the way things ache today, it feels even more certain. QLs are also tighter today than they were on Monday. Have been tight for a couple weeks now, stretching them in sessions. Low back also quite tight today, very much so.

Brain: Good. Talked with other tax boss for much of the morning about how to make tax season better and what I can do here yet, and it may be longer than I really WANT it to be, but still as short as I NEED it to be. And everyone is being very kind and thoughtful and understanding. Lunched with Mom and told her, so the news will fly quickly. Unhappy news HH didn't get into Boston (by 48 stupid seconds!) but BL immediately pointed out that makes it more likely she can come to MN for Spring Superior and MAN ALIVE I hope that happens! Happy news for BL and a new job in Alex (he had been looking at maybe moving) which is a big fat YAAAAY!

Had a wonderful time at the SGC kickoff at NSS. Got to talk to women about doing pull-ups and how hard they are yet how satisfying they are. Loved seeing that although we certainly had a lot of body comp goal chasers, at least half are chasing a strength goal. SUPER pumped for these team trainings to begin!

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