Wednesday, September 21

Body: Lately it's taking me a long time to fall asleep, and then I want to sleep in. Today the hubs woke me at 6a and I probably could've slept another hour - what's up? Will try taking the SAMe earlier (not right before bed) and also cut down to one Benadryl (not two) and anyway allergy season should be over soon. Ran up to Dad's shop to pay him $1000 (just a little sweat on the check) and on the way I was running too fast, so I took a walk break until my pace dropped to 9:45 (like 3 minutes) which was near the park, where I noticed no one was around, and there that pole was that I tried to climb weeks I ran over and CLIMBED THAT MOFO. No video evidence (wasn't running with a phone) and no witnesses, but I scraped up my leg a bit and I KNOW I DID IT and I was pretty excited. At the shop I was overheating (lost my breeze inside) and after a few minutes was even light-headed so I sat down. Felt a little gross, but not terrible, so I headed back. After 3 blocks, I took a 2-block walk break. Then repeated that, then just had 4 blocks to finish. Felt okay back at work. Just...a little weird.

Brain: Good except a little tired. BIG achievement climbing that pole! Some FB silliness. Some technology frustration. Eve NSS client appreciation picnic was pretty fun. A little frustrated at the coworkers who didn't help much, but I should be used to that one of these days. I feel like it's the highly sensitive thing, noticing all the little things that ought to get done, things that others may not see. Yay for my lucky employers, I guess? Hubs came, which was fun, it's nice that he isn't always off working anymore.

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