Wednesday, August 31

Body: Terrible night of sleep; took a long time to fall asleep (not sure why), then woke at 230a (not h/s/g, just wide effing awake), then the cat was an absolute asshole, stepping on me regularly, swishing his tail in my face, until Hank started prancing...I got up very tired and kind of hating the world. Good amount of soreness in legs & lats from yesterday's session. Ran LCSP anyway with Ann, which was easy peasy.

Brain: Tired. Feeling some disappointment with someone very important to me, which leads to disappointment in myself for always expecting too much of my people. Enjoyed the trails, but my new running buddy does not LIKE running right now, so it's not so much fun as it would be with my beastie; no one is as much fun as my beastie, though. Kinda bleah overall today. Went to NSS to knock out a little task and was kinda furious with myself for doing it, but it was to keep a good surprise so I decided it was worth it. But still; I'm feeling overextended way too often lately, and that's just not okay.

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