Tuesday, September 27

Body: Really good. Killed it in today's session, even by doing more weight than I was supposed to because T-Dog used the wrong day. Take THAT Dustin, quit underestimating me! Ran at Woodland with Ann and made her get to 3 miles, but I felt like I could've done more. It's good to keep feeling this, but damn I miss my beastie who could reliably pull me along for 7.1 no matter what.

Brain: So good. A chaotic day without the sick Chief, but much was accomplished and it was fantastic to watch the team pull together and get shit done.

I worked through SGC program with Other Chief, then went through it with a couple coaches who have injury-issue clients and figured out some good modifications. Happy to have the chance to be proactive about that because it's a lot tougher when there are 21 other people needing direction at the same time.

Ordered a gift for Paige, who I'm really going to miss...NSS is going to have a much different feel without her silliness. Found a wonderful source of Heidi gifts, and also realized it's almost her birthday, which made me delay the package so I can find another thing or two for her. She is one of my favorite people.

My BB stopped by to nab my bag full of Wonder Woman wearables for GP to dress up in. I am not exactly her size, but most of it is small for me, and pins could make things work if need be. I'm excited to see what she comes up with. the little rockstar.

Emailed the boss boys about the status. Other Chief writes such amazing emails in response. He can't be my favorite Chief, those giant shoes are filled4lyfe - but man, he impresses me a little bit more with every interaction. These are SO my people.

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