Tuesday, September 20

Body: Still aching from Sunday lifting. Noticed the knee thing is mainly right, and it's the quad insertion more so than the knee joint. Feel it at a full stretch, not just in a squat (muscle being engaged) position. Maybe just needs some stretching. Wouldn't be a surprise that all the consecutive-day running is catching up to me, although they have been short runs. Lifted early in the day; pulls went backward a bit, but the Prowler stopped leaving me ready to faint, at least. Eve run with Ann was 5/2 which felt easy and I wish I'd been able to drop her off then keep going, but: things to do.

Brain: A very good day. Normal me, nearly. Much work accomplished. Walking meeting with Tall Chief that included the reality of "Um, you realize it's too late to decide anything, I have another tax season." Much appreciation that when I asked about modified hours during the upcoming SGC, his immediate response was "Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself sane." Love that man so much. Fun outdoor noon WSN workout with Other Chief, including some Couch to 5k pals. Much silliness about potential Boss's Day fun. Chitchat with Paige, leaving us in just 2.5 weeks...why do so many of my favorites leave me?! Sweet gift from Chief, a book I wanted by I writer I adore. Trip to the library to stock up on vacation weekend reading. Ran into a past C25k peep there, one who easily could've ignored me but called me over, which was a perfect delight. Hugs, even. Nice night at home, reading my new book with pets & hubs snuggled in around me.

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