Tuesday, September 13

Body: Feeling good. Session felt quite good, though still light-headed after the Prowler, though pushed it three straight lengths, so who knows. Went solo to LCSP but saw Dan H right as I came out of the bathroom, so I ran with him. Managed to do more/better than I expected, so that was a nice surprise after a full week off. Most importantly, I enjoyed it, which is the biggest victory evah.

Brain: Pretty good, in comparison to where it's been, but not quite normal. I have started the SAMe (1st one Monday night) so maybe that will help. I read a post by one of our people, in which all of our people were mentioned except me, and I'd like to believe it was just an oversight, but it even if it's just that, it stings. And naturally, the CIV insists it was intentional, and that makes me hurt. Badly.

Tremendously busy day at NSS, trying to catch up for vacation and also just a huge workload besides. Had talks with both bosses and felt like I was a fuzzy-headed fool for both of them, tired and dumb. Was able to talk with Chief in my session about the weekend, and told him I wasn't doing it again & hubs was going to remind me, and he promised to remind me as well. I am so grateful for how much he gets me, without me having to specify all the feels. I shall depend on these two men & HH to keep me from thinking I'm horrible for how I feel.

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