Thursday, September 29

Body: Bad sleep yet again; woke h/s/g and had to get up and eat (buttered bread). Took ages to fall back, of course. Got up okay because brain SO GOOD. Feeling unhappy in the knees, and low back still tight, but otherwise pretty damned good. Woke up determined to climb the rope today, stop fucking around: and I did it. Chief wasn't there, so I got to tell him I did it while he was out, THREE TIMES, and he said that's not possible because it's illegal - I agreed with a smile. It's been fun, but I am VERY ready to change back to a powerlifting focus. I really really miss my barbell. Couple more weeks...just a couple.

Brain: So good, so good, so good! Woke up knowing that today the NSS team would hear the news. Got to meet with Chief about various things including hearing his excitement about the giant ongoing website project. Had a really fun training session with Tony & Jeremy, though naturally missed Chief. Chief announced All The News to the team, and their reaction pretty much made my LIFE. I thought Paige was going to cry. (I thought I might cry.) They brought bootch for the WHOLE TEAM, most of whom had never had it, and most seemed to have liked it. Had a major panic when several of them began shaking theirs up, DON'T SHAKE THEM! It was such a wonderful time. We also had free lunch for Katelynn's birthday so it was just the bestest evah. Had to ditch early to go lead a group fitness thing with Other Chief and I was the main/lead person, and it was super dee duper fun times! Silly, fun, my element. And OC had lovely things to say afterward, which made me glow. Then I took the supplies back to NSS, and OMG my young coworkers were the most loveliest, wanting to hear all about it and how long in the works and Paige especially, and FUCK I'm going to miss her. So much silly fun, I was there until 5:30 and leaving was like walking out with a posse of besties. These are my people. This is my tribe. I am forever grateful to have found it, and I will do my best, always, every fucking DAY, to make it a success. Got home early enough to play fetch, to read, to snuggle with kittehs, to reflect on all the happy happiness.

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