Thursday, September 1

Body: Tired again. Slept solidly but my last hour is never good, full of Clyde being a jerkface. Really catching up to me. Felt it in session, tired more quickly with everything. But when Ann asked if we were going to Woodland, I couldn't say no. We only did 2 miles so it was fine.

Brain: Okay. Way too busy at work. Feeling overwhelmed at the amount of stuff to be done and done SOON. Got very disappointed in Chief during session, like he didn't spend any time with me, and that's been a pervasive feeling lately, and it made my cry afterward when I was alone to change, and justlikethat I fell apart, so easily, so very fucking brittle when I don't have enough sleep. Couldn't shake it for the rest of the day. Didn't want to eat, but forced myself to do so, by buying irresistible chips. I can't cut calories on top of low sleep or I'll fucking tank again. I can't handle tanking again. I am very much considering asking my doctor for a prescription.

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