Saturday, September 3

Body: Quite good. Went LCSP-ing with DQ & BK, and managed the entire lap with only the usual hill-walking, no set intervals. Pretty damn good for where I've been the past few weeks! Mostly lazy the rest of the day.

Brain: Happy with a good run. Extremely disappointed with BK now that I've got enough distance to objectively assess him. Why did I think he was so wonderful? I think this is the last race I'll be supporting him in; the time and money it takes to do this shouldn't all go to his benefit. I'd rather volunteer and give my time to help ALL of the runners.

Post-run, went to NSS to make enough headway on a project that will help our next event which is half my baby, thus worth a little weekend effort. Then errands, including the library (happy place!), shopping at Office Max (another happy place!) and pet store (cute little doggy demanding attention). At home: ate, showered, napped like a champ. Dog park to meet Lisa & Mac & Milo; could've gone better, but could've gone worse, in terms of doggy behavior. From there back to a silent house; snacked & read on the deck, then on the couch, happily so. Soaked up all that silence that I've been needing and missing.

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