Saturday, September 24

Body: TERRIBLE night of sleep, with anxious dogs that barked at every strange noise (all noises were strange) and a Hank who insisted on sleeping with us in a too-small bed. AWFUL. Got up to down coffee outside with a book and let the tired hubs keep sleeping, then fetched more coffee & took Hanky walking over to the Marina. After a few hours, our first hike was gorgeous but far too short (hubs' knee felt badly). NAP TIME. Then another easy too-short hike that was supposed to be a half-mile longer, but Lexi was struggling so probably good that it wasn't. Went to bed very early

Brain: Decent. Enjoyed some lake time with Hankypank. Wished we could've gone hiking for many more miles, or on a run. Maybe tomorrow, but the weather looks to be bad. Today's was decent; mostly cool & sometimes misty, but not raining, and not hot, I enjoyed it! Did some truck-based sight-seeing which was better than nothing, but not my favorite. Got most of a book read. Did my best not to think about next week.

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