Saturday, September 17

Body: Excellent solo run at LCSP, missed Heidi but kept the brain & body together. Joy met me when I finished, and we went for a lovely stroll. Napped in afternoon, then it was SUCH a gorgeous sunny fall day that I HAD TO take the dogs walking. Went to Brophy where they made me crazy, but it was worth it.

Brain: Very good. A bit lonely, but some texts with HH, TONS OF TIME with my BB, and an enjoyable amount of quiet time to read. Snuggled in with critters. Some stress at the St Cloud stabbing incident, wanting to cry about the sadness of the world, but I pulled myself out of it. I can't read that shit, I am too fucking sensitive to handle it. I did spend some time being upset that I never heard from BK all weekend, but I reminded myself that was exactly what I expected, and it has nothing to do with my worth or value, and I can't let myself care anymore.

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