Saturday, September 10

Body: 4 hours of solid sleep followed by a pot of coffee gave me energy for the day (half-day). Volunteered and stayed energized all the way through clean-up. Hard to settle into sleep but two Benadryl took charge eventually.

Brain: I was myself again. I was chatty and huggy and silly and helpful. I was also smart enough not to station myself with a task right at the finish line, knowing it would be too draining. I was not capable of caring for needy runners anymore, but I could sure help shoppers at the merch table. I was glad not to be hearing BK tell his stories to everyone on repeat like prior years, but it actually meant I never heard any of it, which is sad. I did get to hear a lot of others tell me how their race went, in brief summaries, which was all I was capable of. A few people I wish I'd had time with, like GP, but mostly it was a just-right dose. I was able to spend time with Cheri which gave me further proof of her sweetness. It is nice to meet genuinely nice people. After all that, back at the condo everyone was asleep. Short day.  

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