Monday, September 26

Body: Antsy all day thanks to existential crisis. LCSP-ing with Ann was too short, but it was something. Body felt amazing after a recovery weekend.

Brain: Ugh, tough. Had to disappoint the second-best boss pair I've ever had. Had to disappoint all my coworkers. Tried to alleviate some of it with a semi-open timeline, but it will never be good enough for them, but just this once I need to be extremely selfish. I must. I must. Some email therapy with my beloved Heidi that helped me make the right choice: love that girl. I am still nervous and anxious and scared but I know it's going to be the right thing in the end, I have zero doubts. But still. It was good to get to LCSP fall beauty, but I also need to get there solo to really soak it up.

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