Monday, September 19

Body: Took a while to fall asleep, then struggled to get up, despite 9 hours in bed: ugh. Body is QUITE sore from lifting, like it's been a while (I guess it has). Knees have been achey in a deep squat for the past week or two; something I notice in daily life like scooping pet food, or digging in my bag on the floor. Stopped at a DBB client on my way to an eve run, which meant changing in the bathroom at LCSP (where the lights shut off after two minutes) so I changed at NSS and just ran in town, also saving the travel time. Roads still suck.

Brain: Bit MEH thanks to sleepiness and dreary morning. Office at DBB smelled very strongly of freshly stained wood which was a bit overpowering. Had to have windows open for fresh air, thus also to loud traffic; tried to play music to mask it, but it didn't work, and instead made far too much aggravating noise. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to work in the noisiness of NSS at all. Today we also discussed tax season plans and it was cemented in for me that yes, I'm suffering through another tax season; even though I already knew it, now I KNOW it. I need to find smart, useful ways to survive it. It would be so lovely to feel like I could even thrive during it...wishful thinking. Silly texts with HH, finding out where she is with BQ times. Grateful client on way home. Road run at least let me tour neighborhoods of coworkers. Nice night at home.

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