Monday, September 12

Body: Terrible sleep, thanks to forgetting Benadryl, leaving my pillow at the resort, and a jerk-faced Clyde. Heavily debated a noon run (SFAC at NSS in eve); when I'm already so tired, is it going to increase my stress, or is it more important to get moving after so many days without? I was too tired to think it a good idea. Figured I'd recover faster from the low sleep with less physical stress.

Brain: Tired. Wanting a short day, getting a long one. Cranky due to low sleep, unsettled due to weekend. Had texts from my HH that helped muy mucho. Eve had to go to NSS for our fundraising event to which a sad disappointing FOUR people showed, but the information was great, and we still collected a lot of donations, so overall it's okay I guess. Still, it made me want to cry, that we had such a poor showing. A trip to the library helped, as well as a quiet house. Had a round of texts from BK, DQ, and JR about post-race blues, and it was clear that I was the only one who did not feel the full depth of the weekend, not like I normally do. They are all-in for BK, which lessens the anxiety I have over the change I feel. He doesn't need me, it's fine.

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