Wednesday, August 3

Body: Solid sleep. Shoulder again a PITA overnight, tight in morning, but improved throughout the day. Both forearms & hands are strongly achey (right significantly more so) and lower body and lower back are both tight from yesterday's lifting. Legs were not excited about a run, although they came around some as miles went on - but the heat took me DOWN. I do not like heat, I can't power through it, it makes me feel terrible. Oh, well. I think if I encounter that kind of heat again on a running night, I'll switch to sprints or hill repeats, something with a lot of rest to prevent overheating.

Brain: Solid sleep is making a huge difference, as it always does. Still, not feeling interested in having a taxy day. This place is, I would say, full of cats, and I want to be around dogs. But I am coming to accept that it will probably be another year before I can be at NSS, and so I'm mentally preparing myself to last at least that long. If I have to, I will. BOOK SALE included a sweet find: a copy of Main Street from 1922! For FIVE BUCKS! Wish my run had gone better, but whatevs.

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