Wednesday, August 10

Body: Bad sleep; Hank started trying to wake us up at 4a because thunderstorms are scary. Kept snoozing in/out until 530a, got up feeling fairly rotten. (And then the jerkface dog wouldn't go outside in the rain!) Energy was good all day. Made plans to meet Brett for LCSP-ing, but radar looked very bad. Changed plans to Woodland trails; downpour began and he was still working. Went home and did sprints...finished up in the rain.

Brain: Somehow fairly good, despite a bad morning: poor sleep, overflowing coffeemaker, a missing library book. A silly hubs convo perhaps helped keep me from feeling pitiful. Breezed through a co-op tax return, had lunch with the parents (and I bought finally), afternoon went by quickly and I had the promise of a trail date. Even though that fell through, doing sprints still felt like a success.

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