Tuesday, August 30

Body: I made it all the way to my session before thinking about neck pain; it's now only at the extreme end ROM, and it's mild. Session was fun, if overly sweaty. Met Ann at Woodland for another HOT run, did a 2/2 for her (she did the two-month Couch to 5k plan, then two months off!), which felt appropriately easy to me. Was fun to get to know her better and have someone to chat with and make the time blaze past.

Brain: Super fun busy NSS day, got a shit-ton accomplished, even worked a little late to meet Ann. Working on the kinds of tasks I love, and also watched STRONGirl fill up to halfway already, on day one of our launch: awesome! Fun outing with Ann. Few chores knocked out, and still time to read. The book (about Superior 100), prompted me to remember there is usually a fall trail-work weekend, and I always find out the date after I've already filled up all my weekends. Messaged John about when it is, trying to at least find out a date, but he said details to come after Superior. Dammit man, I want to know when it is RANOW so I can book other weekends if I want to! Why isn't everyone else the kind of planner I am?!

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