Tuesday, August 23

Body: Good. Neck went backward today and Aleve had to be taken (didn't need one yesterday). Used the leverage of a lacross ball & the wall on it before session, and that helped a lot. Session didn't bother it, and NG pulls finally hit 20 so I can do weighted instead, and drop the quantity (less mental pressure). After work, went for my "new Tuesday usual" of 30 minutes at Woodland, and moved up to 5-minute run intervals; I got to run with Tim (Timothy?) and it went by pretty quickly despite the heat. Enjoyable, like running is SUPPOSED to be. 

Brain: Good. Had a small amount of anxiety before work but it went away quickly. Frustrated at some of what I did today, felt like I was in a mode of managing people, as I scrutinized & followed up missing data and questioned a lot and I DON'T like doing that, but it was the kind of thing that had to get done because I haven't yet found the perfect software that would automatically do it for us. IF ONLY. On the bright side I dragged along a couple little projects that would lag without me, and that gave me a boost. Brainstormed the upcoming Challenge with Dawn and am gratified we are on the same page.

Got Chief all to myself in my session for the first time since I don't even know when, and naturally I didn't need the high level of therapy today that I have been desperate for lately; told him about the 50k in short sentences, didn't go on & on, but I didn't HAVE TO because one little reference to Boston told him everything he needed to know, and I love that history, as it means I don't have to explain the shit out of myself. He got it, instantly. Everyone else, I have to get into my mental battles, and I'd just rather not. But then again, don't I want to help Defeat the Stigma? Had a set of texts from a friend who was very supportive and conveyed that a spouse has depression & anxiety battles so that was helpful; the more people talk about it, the less shameful it gets.

Met Lisa's new puppy Milo who is SUPER CUTE and sweet and I told Mac she should bring her new best friend over to meet my best friend. Love meeting new dogs! Run with Tim while feeling good was HUGE, and it was refreshing to have someone new to chitchat with. Afterward we stood around talking for probably just as long as our run, about Superior and my crewing secrets and his breakfast-place secrets. Fun! At home, studying with a Clyde in my lap. Cert is this weekend, and I'm looking forward to getting it out of the way.

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