Thursday, August 4

Body: Sore from Tuesday yet. Vaguest of aches in left foot, which surprised me when I realized I had nothing there after Saturday. Could be the shoes. Session was fine, much like Tuesday, but with a small dose of heavy (presses) retained. Stupid wimpy lady hands require a lot of rest between rope pulls which meant no Prowler time at the end. Will ask Chief to figure out a way around that.

Brain: NSS day but no Chief: boo. Fetched him a sweet find from the book sale first thing in the morning, and was rewarded with a bonus workout, carrying 10 hardcover books for 4 blocks. Kids books that I wish I could read before letting him have them! Was busy at work, got a new mini-project, progressed a LOT on another, asked a brave "for me" of Other Chief, enjoyed much silliness in the afternoon. Went back to the book sale (third visit!) and got a big ol' lot of hardcover classics (more bonus workout) to share with Dustin, if he wants them. I just don't want to keep them, so sick of the clutter in my house. Beautiful eve, fetch, outside reading, not enough energy to add a quickie and being cautious due to Saturday's planned 15-er.

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