Thursday, August 18

Body: Lower back tight, rest of body pretty good. Session was fun. Even had energy to run easy Woodland trails as planned; that went okay, but the real win is that I actually did it.

Brain: SO MUCH BETTER. Like, already normal, I think. I hit rock bottom and was normal again within two days? I don't understand how that happened. I was busy (though not overwhelmed) with work all morning, had fun in the session, may have recruited a running buddy, had fun & silliness all afternoon, kinda enjoyed the run, got into some FB silliness, saw the parents, played fetch with the pooches, and still had a tiny bit of reading time. Also lined up lunch tomorrow with Emmers, brunch Sunday with my BB, supper Sunday with the parents, lunch next Friday with Timmy (who today texted me pics of her new-pooch-to-be), and just had a really good day. Stellar, even. Again I don't understand the quick turnaround, but I'm so deeply grateful, I don't even have words. I truly enjoy getting to be myself.

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