Thursday, August 11

Body: Decent; hamstrings finally normal, but quads a bit sore from sprinting, and glutes sore as well. Session was okay but disappointing.

Brain: Started out very good: Chief back! Got some good stories of his trip and some good work done. Session left me oddly deflated, and I went into staff meeting feeling sad and weird. I think I figured out what's happening: I'm not getting any real Chief attention during my session. Once upon a time I had nothing but his attention, because it was one on one. Now, with two other people in the same session, and distractions everywhere for him (not just upon return from vacation), it's not remotely like it used to be. And for the past two years I've tried very hard to avoid dumping on him, but I had my trail therapy to make that okay. I no longer have that. I no longer have any of that. No wonder I feel so lonely. I so thoroughly looked forward to his return, and it came up short. Very short. Forced brain to set it aside and focus on vacation: much to do to pack the camper and prepare food plans.

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