Sunday, July 31

Body: Slept well, then poorly, then went back to bed after letting out the dogs. Still wanted a nap by 2pm, but I had to GSD instead. Lifted in the basement, after looking over my upcoming program so I could incorporate similar stuff at home. Was fun, very different, more like what I used to do back in the day; enjoyable in its own way. If it helps the running, I will be okay with the change. If it doesn't, I'm going to cry over my missing bench & deadlifts. In the afternoon I realized I wouldn't be able to run tomorrow as I should, and I felt so good besides, that I decided to go LCSPing today with Hanky. Kept it short & easy, and the body responded well. Like, it was actually fun!

Brain: Fair. Still feeling oddly down, so I have been telling myself to "be a dog" and not "be a cat." Cats are so reserved, aloof, too cool for school, cuddly only with a select few. While those select few may love them, the rest of the world is kind of annoyed by their coldness. Dogs, meanwhile, love everyone, find delight in every minute, and embrace change. I need to be more like that. I fucking LOVE people like that. I've had timeframes where I felt like a dog, and I want to feel that way again. I am so very tired of being a cat.

Finished another book this morning, on the deck, accompanied by chirping birds and snoozing pets: amazingly perfect. Fun lifting session. Chores. Hubs home (didn't see him for even a second yesterday). Had a fun outing with Hanky. Chef hubs grilled up a feast. A bucket-refilling day after all.

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